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We Buy Used and Damaged Cars

Struggling to Sell Your Used Vehicle? We Are a Junkyard Car Buyer in Clarksville, MI

Do you have a used car that you want to get rid of? Want to make a little bit of extra money for it? Then reach out to us! We are a junkyard car buyer in Clarksville, MI! N6 Towing and Recovery can purchase your used or damaged vehicle, helping you to finally get rid of it—without any extra stress.

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Sell Your Damaged Car

We’re able to purchase just about any type of used or damaged vehicle, whether you crashed your car or it just won’t start anymore. When you contact our used and broken car buyers, we’ll come and tow your car away for you. We’ll then pay you with cash for your car. Our goal as salvage car buyers is to help people get rid of unwanted cars with ease!

Get in Touch with Us

Used cars can sometimes be hard to sell, leaving you stuck with them for longer than you want. As a junkyard car buyer, we can purchase them from you! If you’re in Clarksville, MI, call (616) 421-9226 to get more information.